The Many Benefits of Landscaping Shrubs

When it is time to plan and plant your landscaping, there are plenty of options. You could plant flowers, bushes, trees, shrubs and much more. Many of these types of plants flourish and thrive in our climate and environment, and shrubs are definitely popular. Here are a few reasons you should visit our garden center and look into landscaping shrubs for your Mt Joy home.

The most obvious reason landscaping shrubs are a great choice is because of their beauty. Many different types of shrubs have pretty and unique flowers. This makes them a great focal point for your garden, or you can simply plant a few in your yard or in a specific section of your yard. The amount of sunlight and moisture they need depend on the type you buy.

Shrubs are also an excellent natural source of shade. You and your family can relax in their shadow and enjoy a reprieve from the hot sun. You could also plant some landscaping shrubs and then, underneath them, plant some shade-loving flowers. You could get them in colors that complement each other, and that could really bring up the wow factor of your garden or landscaping. After all, one of the most important parts of your garden or landscaping is a focal point or two. A few pretty landscaping shrubs and some strategically placed flowers can really brighten up the outside of your home.

Shrubs planted near your home for shade can also help lower your cooling bills in the summer. The rooms in your home that are shaded by your landscaping shrubs could be much more enjoyable to sit in for you and the rest of your family!

Finally, shrubs are a great way to encourage wildlife to come around. Birds and other small critters love to nest in them. So if you are a bird watcher or insect lover, you could see a wide variety show up when you plant some landscaping shrubs. Set out a bird feeder or a squirrel feeder and watch what shows up!

We can help you choose the best landscaping shrubs for your home, so visit us today to learn more and to see what we have in stock.

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Finding Balance and Harmony in Your Landscaping

If you recently looked at your garden and thought it could use a little TLC, this is a great time of year to get the plants, trees and shrubs you have always wanted. After all, spring is prime growing season! As landscape designers serving Mt Joy and the surrounding areas, we have a few tips on how to plan the perfect garden.

Keep in mind that you do not want to try to mimic formal gardens, like the ones you see at Buckingham Palace or somewhere equally as fancy. While formal gardens are lovely to look at, they are a huge hassle to try to maintain. Even the most careful landscape designers cannot account for how fickle Mother Nature can be sometimes. There are too many variations in soil and light to try to plant and care for a formal garden on your own.

You should aim for plants that mostly match. For example, try to find plants and flowers that have similar leaf shapes. Or try to find ones that are around the same size or are a similar color. You do not have to have the exact same flowers or plants throughout your entire garden. Having a variety of flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants makes your garden more interesting to look at.

You should also plant flowers in groups instead of rows. Rows can look too rigid and unforgiving. But planting flowers in a group is more interesting to look at. Flowers and plants can also complement your home by softening harsh edges. You can use evergreens along your home’s foundation to make it look more appealing.

And even though the temperatures and weather in Pennsylvania can be extreme at times, you should aim to have a focal point in your garden all year round. Pick a flower or plant that will thrive in each season and use that to help draw people’s eyes to a certain section of your garden. Our landscape designers can help you select the best plants, flowers or trees for this purpose.

Following these simple guidelines can help your garden look great no matter what time of year it is. And if you have any questions, ask one of our landscape designers!

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Caring for Trees in the Spring

The outdoor temperatures are finally starting to swing upwards, which is great news for those who love warmer weather. This time of year, our garden center near Millersville is quite busy with people choosing new trees, shrubs and plants to add to their yards. So we thought we would take some time to offer some basic tree care tips. And if you have any questions about this, feel free to visit our garden center and ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members!

Tree care depends a lot on the type of tree you are dealing with. Some trees need more water than others, but there are still some general rules of thumb you can follow.

Trees need just the right amount of water and moisture to grow and thrive, but you can’t assume that your trees are getting all of the water they need when you water your grass. Grass roots will compete with tree roots for that water. Most trees need the soil to be moistened at least a foot to foot and a half deep in order for their roots to be able to get to the water.

After you buy a tree from our garden center, you should make sure it gets regular deep watering for at least the first two to three years of growth. Ask one of our staff members about the specific tree you just bought to know exactly how much water to give it and how frequently it should get watered. You can check for how moist the soil is by using a soil probe or by gently digging into the soil.

When you water your new tree from our garden center, you should be sure to aim the water directly at the root mass or root ball. You can place a slow-trickling hose along the side of the trunk to ensure it gets watered properly.

Also, young trees need plenty of mulch. Aim to have three inches of mulch around the base of your new tree at all times. The type of mulch that is best suited for your tree will depend on the type of tree you bought. Just ask one of our garden center employees if you do not know what type of mulch to get.

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How to Plan Your New Landscape

It is nearly Spring, so it is the perfect time of year to start planning your new landscape. As landscape designers serving Lancaster and the surrounding areas, we have helped many of your friends and neighbors with their landscaping needs. So here are a few things you should think about before you speak to our landscape designers about the new plants, trees and shrubs you want for your new landscape.

The first thing you should do when you are thinking about hiring landscape designers is to think about your family’s wants and needs for their outdoor living space. Do your kids want an area to play in? Are you and your spouse looking for more space to entertain in? Draw out a few rough sketches of what you would like your new yard to look like. That way, you can give the sketches to our landscape designers so they have a better idea of what you want.

Then go outside and take a look at your yard. Note where the sun rises and sets and what side of your home gets more morning sun vs. afternoon or evening sun. Some plants and trees thrive better in the shade or sun than others. Taking the time to see where the sunny and shady spots of your yard are can help our landscape designers come up with a good plan for your yard. Our landscape designers can plan accordingly and plant trees, flowers and shrubs that will grow well in those areas.

Finally, think about what you really want and need and what you can be flexible about. For example, you might be set on having a rose bush or another type of flowering plant as the main focal point of your new landscape, but you might be flexible about the type of trees that are planted. Be sure you let our landscape designers know what you really want to include in your new landscape. We can usually work with you to incorporate as many of your ideas as possible into your landscape plans. And if for some reason one of the plants you really want will not thrive in your yard, we will let you know and help you come up with an alternative.

So when you need professional and reliable landscape designers in Lancaster, call us at Root’s Nurseries. You can reach us at 717-898-0041, visit our Retail Plant Center or contact us and get a Free Estimate on our landscaping services.

How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Root’s Nurseries specializes in home landscaping in Millersville, so we always keep a watchful eye on the calendar, especially this time of year. Can you believe that spring is less than a month away? There are several tasks you should do to prepare your home landscaping for the upcoming warm months. Here are a few tips on what you should do first.

The first thing you should do is get your rake out of storage and start cleaning your yard and flower beds of leaves and other debris that has built up during the winter months. This is a great way to make sure your grass and flowers are ready to start growing as soon as the weather starts to warm up again. Plus, raking loosens the soil, which encourages healthy new growth.

Then you should take a look at your plants trees and start applying some mulch to them. This helps your plants and trees retain water and keeps them warm during cool spells. If you aren’t sure what type of mulch is best for your yard’s needs, visit our Retail Plant Center to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

Once the weather really begins to warm up, you will want to start watering your home landscaping. The rule of thumb is to water deeply but only when your home landscaping really needs it. Doing it this way encourages the roots to dig deeper into the soil to get the water they need to thrive. And this, in turn, makes the roots even stronger so your plants should last longer and have healthier lives.

Finally, when it is time to pull out your lawn mower, give it a little TLC. Make sure the mower blades are sharp, make sure it has fresh oil and gas (if it’s a gas mower) and make sure the blades are set to the right height. Set them high because longer grass tends to grow thicker and healthier. You might be tempted to cut your grass short if you think this means it will need less mowing. But that isn’t always the case. Mow as often as your yard needs it, and keep the grass on the longer side.

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