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It’s the Time of the Season…to Plant Trees!

When it comes to landscaping, each season brings with it new opportunities to improve. As the leaves begin to change, autumn offers a wonderful opportunity to plant new trees and bring a home into scale with the surrounding landscape. Trees can do wonders for both home and business landscapes alike and offer a variety of benefits to be enjoyed in every season. It is essential, however, that you invest in trees that will last and work well with your unique landscape and climate. There are two different ways to purchase trees; container grown or field grown. As the expert landscape design company for Lancaster, we would like to tell you more about the best way to incorporate new trees into your fall landscape.

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Fall foliage is one of the most beautiful aspects of living in Pennsylvania and we here at Root’s Nurseries believe so too! We are the area tree experts with over a 100 acres of trees. Shade, flowering and evergreen. Fall is time to dig and plant these trees. Here’s why:

  • Selecting trees locally grown ensures hardiness of plants because the field grown tree is acclimated to local weather conditions including rainfall, snow, cold and hot extremes.
  • Field grown tees are used to similar soil types like that found in your Pennsylvania lawn.
  • Field grown trees are usually the best choice to ensure success in planting. Shade, flowering, and ever-green trees which are grown in the ground and then dug, balled and burlapped are extremely successful for the local homeowner. These trees won’t dry out as quickly as container grown trees because they have a better root system which in time ensures stability in order to anchor tree canopy.
  • Field grown trees also have far less tendency to be plagued with circling or densely matted roots which are a common problem in container grown trees.
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Unsure of which trees to choose for your unique landscaping? The experts at Root’s Nurseries can help. We can show you how shade trees in the proper location soften the harsh lines of a building, how evergreen trees provide year round privacy and how certain flowering trees can add the perfect splash of color to your landscaping.

The expert staff at Root’s Nurseries can enhance your outdoor living area with plantings for four-season enjoyment. Root’s has been a trusted landscape design company for many years, and we have a long standing reputation in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. We can say, “Quality starts with the Roots” because we grow our own trees.

Why not consider landscape design company for your next landscape planting project? Contact us today by calling 717-898-0041 or Contact Us. We’re ready to help you with your next landscaping project, from planning through installation.

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