Grow Shade: How Shade Trees Can Help Save on Your Energy Bills

We here at Root’s Nurseries are crazy about shade trees. When you incorporate shade trees in your Landisville home landscaping, you can enjoy not just great looking foliage but some other great other many benefits as well. We thought we would share a few of our favorite facts about shade trees and what wonders they can provide for you and your landscape.

shade trees

Strategic Planting

Large shade trees planted on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home create soothing shade from the hot summer sun and reduce summer air conditioning costs by up to 35%. And, less fossil fuel is consumed by your air conditioning in order to create the energy, meaning less carbon dioxide emissions!

Regularly pruned branches can prevent blockage to desirable views of the outdoors while still shading your home.

  • Plant shade trees over your patio and driveway to help keep your blacktop or cement from producing additional heat around the home.
  • Plant shade trees to shade your air conditioner and keep it cooler to run more efficiently.
  • Shade trees, specifically larger ones can even help cut down on noise pollution depending on their placement.

At Root’s Nurseries we know what types of trees not only provide the best shade but also those that thrive best in our Pennsylvania climate.

Types of Shade Trees

Maples. Sugar maples and red maples are gorgeous in the fall. Their root systems tend to be a bit shallower than other trees, so you should watch where you plant them. But maples will grow anywhere from 40 feet to 70 feet.

Oaks. They will last you for several generations, if not longer, and they can grow 70+ feet. And, a Red Oak tree will grow fairly quickly in the right conditions.

Elms. These trees live for a long time, and they can grow up to 50 feet in height. Lacebark elms will tolerate a wide variety of soils.

Shade Trees for Our Region

According to, Pennsylvania is part of the Cool Region; which is hard to believe with the hot, humid summers we get! They recommend shade trees in order to protect key areas of the home from direct summer sunlight. They also recommend allowing winter sun to reach south-facing windows but to use dense windbreaking trees to also protect the home from cold winter winds.

Your Home’s Microclimate

A microclimate is the climate immediately surrounding your home. When landscaping for energy efficiency, it’s important to consider your microclimate as well. And, the experts at Root’s Nurseries know exactly what to look for. Sun, shade, bodies of water and other features like patios and driveways are all taken into consideration when determining what will grow best where.

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Springtime Tips & Preparations for Trees and Summer Weeds

May is National Home Improvement Month! This time of year, everyone is quite busy updating areas of the home with a fresh coat of paint or with overall spring cleaning. And it’s important not to neglect your lawn! To enhance the look of your lawn or business property, work with an expert landscaper at Root’s Nurseries and we can set your property up with all sorts of new trees and shrubbery.


While the weather is warm, take time this month to choose new trees, shrubs and plants to add to your yard and create a fresh new look for your landscape. With a new landscape also comes preventative care for your trees and weeds. And as a trusted landscaper for Landisville, we thought we would take some time to offer some basic lawn care tips. And if you have any questions about trees, weeds or other landscaping needs feel free to visit our garden center and ask a friendly Root’s landscaper for more expert advice.


Trees need just the right amount of water and moisture to thrive, but you can’t assume that your trees are getting all of the water they need whenever you water your grass. Grass roots will compete with tree’s roots for that water. Most trees need the soil to be moistened at least a foot to a foot and a half deep in order for their roots to be able to get to the water.

Ask a Root’s landscaper about the specific tree you just bought to know exactly how much water to give it and how frequently it should get watered. You can check for how moist the soil is by using a soil probe or by gently digging into the soil. The type of mulch you get also depends on the type of tree you have. Young trees need plenty of mulch. Aim to have three inches of mulch around the base of your new tree at all times. Not sure what mulch to get or how mulch to buy? Contact us and a landscaper can give you their expert advice.


Did you know that one single weed is capable of producing as many as 250,000 seeds? These seeds can survive for a year or can lie in wait for decades. Other weed types even have seeds that can come to your lawn by air or can even be brought to a new location by your shoes. As such, you will want to be on top of the very first weeds you encounter. Once you see one, we suggest spraying with Round Up which kills the weed to the root. Simply pulling can leave roots in the ground which means weeds will just come up again. A landscaper at Root’s Nurseries can help you create a weed fighting regimen for your specific lawn.

Tip: An empty patch of land will quickly become filled with weeds if they are not pulled as soon as they begin sprouting. Should you be a composter, take these weeds and add them to your compost heap to kill the seeds. If not, contact our landscaper and we can assist you.

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It’s Time for a Spring Refresh! Prepare for Your New Beautiful Landscape

Spring has arrived and we’ve already begun to feel it here in Pennsylvania! Have you seen the daffodils lately?! This means it’s time to get outside and begin creating the perfect landscape for your home! As the weather continues to warm, your garden and grasses will continue to bud with new growth. Root’s Nurseries is ready to turn your yard into a relaxing outdoor oasis! As a trusted landscaper for Mt Joy and surrounding areas, we’ve put quite a bit of thought into landscape design. So, here are a few tips to consider when designing a new landscape:


Do the Research

Gather a few ideas and photos of your dream landscape you can show to your landscaper. Start online and look for some landscaping inspiration or find some examples of properties that you think are done well. This may help you in presenting our team with a good idea of what you’re looking for. Not sure what plants will grow best in the Mt Joy area? A landscaper at Root’s can answer those questions for you! Like to visit the library? There are an abundance of gardening and landscaping books out there that are beautifully illustrated and incredibly fun to look through too!


Plan a Clean-Up

The winter has no doubt left its mark on your yard with broken branches, bare patches and some additional cleanup that needs to take place. Here are some tasks you or a landscaper can perform:

  • Carefully rake up all of the dead leaves, debris and pine cones that have gathered on your lawn over the last several months.
  • If you notice any bare patches, loosen the surface and spread a mixture of grass seed and compost or fertilizer over the bare spot.
  • You or your landscaper should apply a new layer of mulch to help your plants retain moisture; helping them to grow throughout the spring and summer.

Visualize Your Landscape

Setting things up in proper proportion is one of the most daunting tasks associated with designing the ideal home landscape. Your plants need to be proportionate to each other as well as to whatever plot they are being installed into. A trained, professional home landscaper from Root’s can step in here, take measurements and help you visualize the scope of your project and what the outcome should look like.

Consider the Color Scheme

Colors will be a huge part of your landscape design. Do you or a family member have a favorite color you’d like to include? Tell your landscaper! This can be a great starting point and the experts at Root’s can help build from there.

A Root’s landscaper will come up with the perfect plan for your yard. We can plant shade trees, shrubs and a wide variety of other plants. Your yard and landscaping will be the envy of your neighbors this spring and summer! Are you ready to learn more about our landscaper in Mt Joy? Call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041, or you can contact us for a Free Estimate.

Design Your Landscape with Winter in Mind

Winter can be long in Pennsylvania, so why not design your landscape with winter in mind? In addition to designing for the growing season, considering the winter aesthetic and function of your landscape can allow it to look its best all year round. Ensure you are giving your landscaping what it needs to thrive year-round with the right trees, shrubs and structures. Not sure where to begin? Wonder no more! As a landscape design company near Strasburg, we have a few suggestions.

landscape design company

Winter is in the Details

With some simple attention to the details during the design process, you can do a few things to make your landscape more enjoyable and usable for the winter months. Consider both the functional and the aesthetic aspects for winter. For example, is there a hot tub you would like continued access to? Do you enjoy watching wildlife out your window? Consider these suggestions to improve your winter experience:

landscape design companyThe Right Plants – Plant local, well-adapted plants. If you only plant winter dormant flowers on your property, there will be nothing to look at all winter! Your landscape design company can help you choose distinctive evergreens as well as perennials with large seedpods that bring interest when covered in snow. The experts at Root’s Nurseries landscape design company can help you find the right trees and plants for your unique landscape. Fun fact: we grow all of our own trees on 120 acres. This way we can control the quality and ensure a consistent product. And, since we are a local company we know what trees thrive best in all seasons.

Add Structure – A covered structure like a gazebo can offer some protection from the elements. Or, if you’re looking to enjoy year-round growing, a heated greenhouse can offer a wonderful escape from the frigid outdoors.

Lighting & Heat – A well-lit and/or heated pathway can provide safe, thawed walkways to your favorite areas of the property as well as stunning aesthetic appeal.

landscape design company

Shrubbery and Hedges

One of the best ways to make your landscape winter-ready is with winter interest shrubs and well-pruned hedges. Create a garden maze or dramatic outlines with hedges and your landscape will look incredible all year long.

Our college trained, detail-oriented Landscape Designers are here to serve you by developing a custom plan for your property. Our landscape design company can give you the advice you need and help you select the best trees, shrubs and flowers for your garden and landscaping.

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Landscape Company Braces for Winter

With winter essentially here (though one may not know it if we go by temperatures alone), there are some things you can do to help the overall health of your landscape. As a landscape company that has served this area for well over a century, we know a thing or two about keeping your property in the best shape possible for its spring rebirth. We offer up a series of small common sense tips that will contribute towards your lawn being in its best shape possible after the thaw.

The ideal pruning of trees and the like on your property should be done at this time of year or at some point during the cooler dormant season. Roots Nurseries, our professional home landscape company will prune your Millersville or nearby plant life. Pruning takes the skilled hands and knowledgeable brains of a landscape company that knows how to manipulate plant life to best adapt to our climate and environment.  Pruning at this time of year encourages new growth during the warmer spring and summer months.

Somewhat related to the pruning, “deadheading” of perennials is a necessary task to conduct. You or our landscape company can carry this out. A trimming of the dead, old growth needs to occur so that fresh, new growth for the upcoming spring months can occur. If you do not wish to handle this on your own, call or visit us to let us know. We will be happy to give some pointers so that you can do it yourself.

Also, being that the temperatures in recent years have not dipped consistently below freezing until January, you can still add new trees to your property to enhance your home landscaping. We can tell you how to plant them and give you tips on how to care for them too.

Your lawn is in something of a state of hibernation during the winter months. If you place anything with some weight on it on the property only to leave it sit for several months of freeze and thaw, you will encounter a flattened grass presentation. This will set your lawn up to have its grass grow horizontally, or, even, not grow at all in the spring time, possibly killing the patch outright.

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