Autumnal Landscaping Tips to Prepare for Your Lawn’s Offseason

The cold weather is right around the corner. Leaves will soon be turning and falling to the ground. You do not want to leave your lawn in a bad way heading into the cold, rather you want to set it up for ample and healthy growth for the spring. The cool temperatures prevent growth above ground but work well as a buffer with moist soils to enhance the strengthening of roots, a gift from Mother Nature that gives a head start of sorts that allows you to prepare for next growing season.

The landscaping at your Strasburg or nearby environs’ home screams for adequate fall care. Here at Root’s Nurseries we care about local landscaping and would like to provide a few tips that will help you enhance the growth of your spring lawn and garden through efforts made during the fall:

  • Get rid of dead items from any and all areas of your lawn and landscaping. Should the fall yield an excessive amount of heavy leaf cover, rake and remove those as well. Ridding your lawn of dead leaves will prevent them from blocking out sunlight that otherwise would reach your grass or landscaping.
  • Acquire some high-phosphorous fertilizer mix and apply generously to your lawn. Utilizing this sort of fertilizer will encourage the growth of roots that will allow for green turf emerging much earlier in the Spring than otherwise it would.
  • Enjoy and celebrate a final mowing of the year! This particular mow will allow for you to drop those blades and cut a bit shorter that you otherwise would.
  • Take the leaves you have gathered earlier and place them in an area where they will decompose naturally. Your decomposed leaves will become compost and you will be able to use it as a fertilizer for your lawn in the spring. Compost is amongst the greatest of all natural fertilizers in existence and you can easily you’re your landscaping waste into this.
  • Once your fall lawn and landscaping maintenance is complete, rest easy feeling satisfied over a job well done. The spring will yield a much healthier lawn and landscaping as a result.

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Hire Landscape Designers to Enhance the Perfect Home

Sure, you have a general idea of what you want your yard and property to look like. With all due respect, you are not a landscape professional. With your vision and our experience and exclusive focus on this type of work, your choice to bring in a landscape designer for your Manheim area home, we will have your landscaping constructed in a way that will far exceed your expectations. Landscape designers are paid to be creative, consider the following in the debate over whether bringing in landscape designers is right for your home. If it falls within your means to do so, hiring landscape designers to come up with how to put your dreamscape into place, may end up a priceless expenditure.


Ideas go hand-in-hand with landscape designers. Their training and ability to generate creative visions to spin one idea into a better idea based on past experience and industry expertise is a rare talent. These people dream about landscaping, what to plant, where to put it. Always consider outside help, especially when affordable experts are just a call away.


Every stretch of land is completely unique unto itself. Every stretch of land is also its own mini-ecosystem. Professional landscape designers are aware of these important truths related to your property. All will be taken into account when it comes to the implementation of your new landscape. Local and immediate land features will be matched with your implemented landscape design. It will blend yet be bold.


Assessment of property and visible area complete, a landscape designer then develops conceptual designs of the proposed parcel. Through a system of elimination of possibilities of your property, landscape designers whittle away at getting the right set-up for your landscape in place.


Knowing the costs of things is important for myriad reasons, for all parties. Free form idea generation and brainstorming leaves for no limits in costs but as reality sets in, all falls under the scrutiny of a budget. Professional landscape designers will provide a likely budget range via their wide array of experience.

If you have a landscape project bubbling up in your imagination, think about contacting our landscape designers to help you develop, refine and focus your ideas into a doable plan.

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A Landscape Company That Can Turn Your Property into a Magnet

Sometimes you wonder, how can I keep my home or business property looking as impressive as possible? I don’t have the time to maintain it! One way to do so would be to hire a professional landscape company for your Lancaster home or business. Efficiently and effortlessly entertain your friends, neighbors, clients, customers and employees with the help of Root’s Nurseries.

Take what may well be just a lawn—empty but for grass growth—and create a dreamscape dotted or filled with flowers, plants and shrubbery? Business and home owners alike have been dependent upon the professional services of our local landscaping company for decades.

Maybe you have come to the conclusion that your home or business looks proportionately worse, year after year. Bermuda grass and/or weeds in general have infested your otherwise ok-looking property. Why not let our landscaping company select and place the proper fertilizer type for your grass? Our crews know fertilizer—what type to use for your grass or plants and how to apply correctly. Attempting to handle this on your own could lead to an incorrect purchase and thus an erroneous choice and/or implementation of fertilizer.

Maybe, all-in-all you are bored of having only grass to look at. Have you thought about having a planter installed? What about shade trees to give your property more of a stately ambiance? Professional landscape companies such as ours can add literal life to your lawn or business property, giving off the impression that you more than care about appearance. Our landscape company can provide regular service to any such installations helping to maintain that look that will keep them coming back.

You may think that hiring a landscape company is not a wise investment. Think about how much you would spend on gardening and landscaping products, all of that time out there yourself. What about the time and money you could lose in performing these tasks yourself, or hiring a landscaping crew as active employees on your payroll? Landscaping companies save you time. It will no longer be you out there sweating and getting sun burnt every week on hot summer days! You no longer have to have employees of your own to manage the upkeep! Leave the back-breaking labor to us!

Some of the benefits yielded from the services offered by our landscaping company include:

  • Shade trees planted at the proper location soften the harsh lines of a building as well as provide energy saving shade.
  • Evergreen trees and shrubs provide year round privacy and screening.
  • Flowering trees and shrubs add a splash of color in their season of bloom.

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Home Landscaping Design

Your growable property—the lawn, right in and around your house—looks staid, lifeless, year in and year out. Spice things up a bit this year with some home landscaping for your Manheim area home. The aesthetic and potential resale value of your home go up immediately upon the installation of fine home landscaping, the likes of which Roots can provide. A simple and creative solution to a drab looking property, new home landscaping will make you the envy of neighbors, friends and family.

The process begins with designing the ideal home landscaping set-up. There many aspects of such an undertaking that you will need to consider. Our professional designers and installers will work with you, seeking your ideas on what you are looking to implement. In this blog, we will cover some of the basics for first time home landscape designers.

Color Scheme

Colors will be a big part of your home landscaping design. Perhaps you have a preferred plant or a favorite color (or both) that you wish to include? A nice starting point, our advice to you is to keep from getting too complicated here. The more bold and audacious you get with your color combinations, the more difficult you will make the process of ensuring everything matches. Go with a just few basic colors when plotting the look of your new home landscaping.

Plant Proportions

Setting things up in proper proportion is one of the daunting tasks associated with designed the ideal home landscaping situation for your property. Our team of trained, professional home landscaping experts step in here, helping you visualize the scope of what the outcome of the final project is going to look like. Your plants need to be proportionate to each other as well as to whatever plot they are being installed into.


Thanks to the internet, researching a perfect landscape set-up is not all difficult. Countless examples from around the world are now at your fingertips. With just a few types and a few clicks, you begin to gain insight into what looks and feels right for your home landscaping set-up. Gather a few ideas together about your dream landscape. Find some examples of properties that you think were done well. This may help you in presenting our team with a good idea of what you’re looking for.

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Preventative Spring Preparations for Summer Weeds

To enhance the look of your lawn or business property, our designers—college-trained professional landscape contractors—will set your home or business property up with all sorts of fancy with all of your tree and shrubbery needs. If you are looking for someone to remove having to think about your landscaping set-up, or just plant trees and shrubs around your business or home in Lititz, hire a landscape contractor. Maintenance after install, that is all you.

Spring has sprung! So too shall your weeds. Once landscape, lawn and/or garden begin their respective annual bloom, one must be ready to pounce on those pesky weeds, immediately. The weeds and maintenance, you are on your own there.

The multiplication factor is a very real phenomenon in the gardening world. One single weed, depending on its sort, is capable of producing as many as 250,000 seeds. These seeds can be good for a year or can lie in wait for decades. Then again, other weed types arrive by air or can even be brought to a new location by your shoes. As such, you will want to be on top of the very first weeds you encounter. Once you see one, you can count on there being many more of its sort in and around it in a very short amount of time. Pull it, get it by the root, spray the area if deemed necessary.

Weeds rob the soil of the area they occupy of nutrients, thieving them from the plants or grass you actually do want to grow in the area they occupy. On the whole, preventing weeds in the first place is a far simpler process than is getting rid of them once they sprout. Follow these tips to prevent weeds from popping up in the first place:

  • No Weed to Seed-An empty patch of land will quickly go the way of the weeds if they are not pulled quickly upon their sprouting. Should you be a composter, take these pulled weeds and add them to your 140º F-160º F compost heap to kill the seeds.
  • Weed-free mulches-Use straw, pine bark
  • Soil setting-Prep for planting. Let it set for 7-10 days, work the soil with a hoe, slicing off emergent weed seedlings. Time-permitting, repeat this process after another 7-10 days before planting.
  • Cover the soil-Use black plastic to kill existing weeds and stop the seed germination process.
  • Vertical barriers-Metal, plastic or wood barriers placed between lawn and garden prevents the creeping of grass.
  • The Sun-Cover bare soil with transparent plastic for a few weeks or a month to kill the weeds within the top couple inches of soil.
  • Mulch-Again. Use a 3-4 inch layer between the rows of your garden.

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