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Preparing Your Landscape for the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching. Soon family, friends carolers and even customers or clients, if you own a business, will be flocking to your front lawn. You’ve likely begun thinking about how you’re doing to deck the halls and light the trees. But, does your landscaping live up to the beauty of your holiday decorations? Considering the winter aesthetic and function of your landscape can allow it to look its best at this important time of year. For example, do you have trees and shrubbery that look beautiful in even the coldest of seasons? As the trusted landscape contractor for Mountville and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer some tips to help your landscaping look stunning all year round. And, when you’re ready to tackle your winter landscaping, contact the experts here at Root’s Nurseries and we can help you every step of the way from design to upkeep.landscape contractor mountville

With some attention to the details, you can help make your landscape more enjoyable and impressive for the winter months. It is important to consider both the functional and the aesthetic aspects for winter. For example, plant local, well-adapted plants. If you only plant winter dormant flowers and trees on your property, there will be nothing to look at all winter. Distinctive evergreens as well as perennials with large seedpods can bring interest when covered in snow. And, they are great to decorate too! Everyone knows evergreen trees look beautiful all lit up at Christmas, so why not bring this same idea outdoors? At Root’s we help you find the right trees and plants for your unique landscape.

One of the best ways to make your landscape more enjoyable and impressive in winter is with shrubs and well-pruned hedges. Create a dramatic outlines of your with hedges and your landscape will look incredible all year long.

Also, don’t skimp on lighting. A well-lit or heated pathway can provide safe, thawed walkways to your favorite areas of the property as well as stunning aesthetic appeal for the front of the home or office.

And don’t forget to prune! The ideal pruning of trees your property should be done at this time of year or at some point during the cooler dormant season. Pruning takes the skilled hands and knowledgeable brains of a landscape contractor that knows how to manipulate plant life to best adapt to our climate and environment.

Ready to get started on your winter landscaping? Contact our landscape contractor right away! For more information on about the many services our landscape contractor can offer for your Mountville home or business, call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Bring Color to Your Autumn Landscape with Serious Fall Foliage


People come from all around to see the beautiful reds, oranges and yellow leaves of a Pennsylvania autumn. But, could your landscape use a little color? Have serious fall foliage envy? As the trusted landscape company for Strasburg and the surrounding areas, we know a thing or two about trees. In fact, at Root’s Nurseries we grow our own trees on our 120 acres! The expert staff at Root’s Nurseries can enhance your outdoor living area with plantings for 4 season enjoyment. A wide variety of healthy shade trees, shrubs and other plants are at the disposal of our landscape designers who will get the job done right the first time. Whether you want trees or shrubs for shade or a wind break, need to cover a garden bed, or just want to add visual appeal, our team can help. We know just the right trees to add that pop of color you’re looking for! Here is some more information about fall foliage trees including the ones you want and the ones you should stay away from.

Japanese Maple Tree

When you want to improve the fall color in your yard it doesn’t hurt to start with a top of the line shade tree that offers beautiful reds and yellows; the beautiful maple. This includes Japanese maple, red maple and sugar maple among others. But you’ll want to supplement the color from your maples with the color provided by other good fall foliage trees. Oak trees can be useful for extending the fall foliage season because long after the maples have dropped their leaves, oaks will still be offering color.

Some other trees that can offer great fall foliage include the black tupelo, Eastern black walnut, Black gum, flowering dogwood, magnolias, Pignut hickory and more. And, evergreen trees offer year round beauty of course!

Not all trees add good color to your landscape and some that do should be avoided for other reasons. For example catalpa trees can be a delight other times of the year but in the fall their leaves turn black. It is also important to avoid any invasive species of trees. Our landscape company knows what kinds of trees these are and will never plant them in your yard.

Ready to get started growing some fall foliage of your own? Our landscape company can assist with tree and plant selection to provide both function and aesthetics. The best part is our team will install everything for you!

To learn more about our landscape company serving Strasburg and surrounding areas, call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041, contact us or request a free estimate.

Tips from Your Local Landscaper: End of Summer Landscaping


We hope you have had the pleasure of enjoying a flourishing, thriving landscape all summer long. If you’ve enlisted the help of our professional landscaper, you undoubtedly have been reaping the benefits. And now that summer is coming to an end, there is no reason your enjoyment has to come to an end along with it. Our landscaper is here to offer tips to help wrap up your summer landscaping and prepare it for the cooler months; that you can enjoy it all through the off season and into next spring. As the trusted landscaper for Lancaster, here at Root’s Nurseries we care about local landscaping and would like to provide a few tips that will help you enhance the growth of your spring lawn and garden through efforts made this late summer and fall. Here are a few.


First, the time has arrived to enjoy your final mowing of the lawn. This particular mow will allow for you to drop those blades and cut a bit shorter that you otherwise would. When is the last mow? When the grass stops growing! Mowing your lawn right before winter helps keep it healthy throughout the colder months. Without a pre-winter cut, lawns can develop a moldy fungus. Keep your grass looking good by mowing it to the right height before the cold weather hits.

Next, fertilize. Get some high-phosphorous fertilizer mix at your local landscaper and apply generously to your lawn. Utilizing this sort of fertilizer will encourage the growth of roots that will allow for green turf emerging much earlier in the Spring than otherwise it would.

It is also important to do away with dead items from any and all areas of your lawn. Should the fall yield an excessive amount of leaves, rake and remove those as well. Ridding your lawn of dead leaves will prevent them from blocking out sunlight that otherwise would reach your grass or landscaping.

And, once your fall lawn and landscaping maintenance is complete, you can rest easy knowing next spring will yield a much healthier landscape as a result. Not sure if you’ve properly prepared your lawn for fall and winter? Call upon an expert landscaper at Root’s Nurseries. Our landscaper can even help you plant shrubs and trees that will look great all season long!

Thinking about hiring a landscaper for your Lancaster home or business? Start today by calling Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041 or Request a Free Estimate.

Taming of the Shrub: How to Care for Your Landscaping Shrubs


So, how do you tame and take care of a shrub? Does it need frequent watering? How much pruning is too much pruning? At Root’s Nurseries we are experts in landscaping shrubs for Landisville and the surrounding areas and are here to answer these very questions! Shrubs are a great way to add structure, character and design elements to your landscaping so it is no wonder they are very popular. So, if you decide to incorporate new landscaping shrubs or if you’ve inherited shrubs at your newly bought home, here are a few tips to help them thrive:

Quality Shrubbery

It is important to get your new landscaping shrubs from landscapers you can depend on. Shrubs initially grown in poor conditions will likely never thrive. At Root’s Nurseries, we grow our own trees on 120 acres! That way, our customers know that when they work with our landscaper, they are getting the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.

Fall & Winter Care

Sometimes, temperatures outside get quite cold but the leaves of landscaping shrubs can get warm in the sun, which results in transpiration. That can pull water away from the landscaping shrubs, which means they will not get as much water as they need. A lot of water in the fall can help. The amount of water needed will depend on the specific type of shrub, and we can tell you how much water your shrubs need when you give us a call.landscaper

You can also help mitigate winter snow and sun damage by wrapping the shrubs’ trunks in some type of protective material, like burlap or corrugated paper that is a light color. You want to keep the bark from experiencing extremes in temperature.


Mulch is also another great way to help protect your new landscaping shrubs’ root systems. The type and amount of mulch needed also depends on the type of shrubs you buy, and we can advise you on this as well.


Pruning is no easy task so please give us a call for assistance if you’d like. But, in the meantime, here is a short starting point for pruning any kind of plant: Remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as you see them. Dead stems attract insects and invite diseases to develop.

Also remove crossing branches, water sprouts and suckers from your landscaping shrubs.

And, if you are still unsure of how to care for your landscaping shrubs, or any other plant in your garden, let the experts here at Root’s Nurseries know. We can give you tips on how to make sure they stay healthy and thriving.

Ready to learn more about how to take care of your landscaping shrubs near Landisville? Call us at Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041, visit our Garden Center or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Go Beyond the Status Quo & Do More for Your Landscape with Professional Garden Design


It is officially growing season. But, are you really doing everything you can to help your landscape and garden truly grow? Garden design and landscaping should involve more than just planting stuff, watching it grow and keeping it alive. With professional garden design landscaping at your Ephrata home, you can go beyond the status quo and help your garden not only grow but evolve. Landscapes don’t want to look like they’re frozen in time; but prefer to thrive and respond to natural biological processes as they grow and mature. Whether you realize it or not, your landscape wants to make sense in nature and be organized according to natural laws. It wants to be vibrant, blossoming with color and adapting with the seasons.

garden design landscaping

A well designed landscape can add so much enjoyment and curb appeal to your home. It is important to embrace your landscape as a living, breathing, evolving thing and understand how all the elements in it work in harmony. That’s where professional design landscaping comes in. We can design a landscape that makes sense and plant trees, shrubs and flowers that will thrive. We understand that gardens should be healthy and vibrant, everything working together from the plants and soil to the overall environment.

At Root’s Nurseries, we know just about everything there is to know about how to help landscapes, gardens and trees thrive in Pennsylvania’s climate and environment. We even grow our trees on our own 100+ acres of land, and that way we know exactly where the trees came from, how they were grown and what condition they are in.

In addition to trees, perennials make a great addition to any garden. Perennials offer a great foundation, helping stabilize the ecosystem and wildlife. And thanks to their deep roots, they don’t require as much fertilizer and water.

When you enlist the help of professional garden landscape designers at Root’s, we will get to know your property to understand how it works and figure out the best ways to implement functionality, beauty and healthy growth.

If your landscaping has become boring, perhaps it’s because you’ve been in maintenance mode all along. Now it’s time to invest in professional garden landscape design, allowing it to grow, change evolve and blossom.

We can show you how! Start today by calling Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041 or Request a Free Estimate and we can get started on your garden design landscaping in Ephrata!