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Designing the Landscapes of Our Future

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 changing the way we live and work, now is a time for change and reflection here in Pennsylvania. With the bulk of the stay-at-home order occurring in the spring, it has given many homeowners a chance to take a look at their immediate surroundings and find ways to improve the interior and exterior of their home. For many, kitchens have become schools and the backyard has become a place for fun and escape for the entire family.

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With professional landscape designers for your Millersville area home, you can go above and beyond this growing season, helping your garden not only grow but evolve. We feel lucky that the great majority of the work we do takes place in the great outdoors, under the open sky. With so many small businesses in other industries struggling through these historical times, it is critical that industries like ours continue to operate. According to the PA Department of Agriculture, our business falls under an approved category on the Governor’s List and so we are here to work for you. We are still scheduling projects for the summer season and can help you make your landscaping a calming oasis for today and into the future.

We believe a well designed landscape can add so much enjoyment and curb appeal to your home. It is important to embrace your landscape as a living, breathing, evolving thing and understand how all the elements in it work in harmony. That’s where our landscape designers begin when they start a new project and work to create a landscape that will grow with an evolving property and household. We can design a landscape that makes sense and plant trees, shrubs and flowers that will thrive. Our landscape designers understand that gardens should be healthy and vibrant, everything working together from the plants and soil to the overall environment.

At Root’s Nurseries, our landscape designers know just about everything there is to know about how to help landscapes, gardens and trees thrive in Pennsylvania’s climate and environment. We even grow our trees on our own 100+ acres of land, and that way we know exactly where the trees came from, how they were grown and what condition they are in.

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