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Go Beyond the Status Quo & Do More for Your Landscape with Professional Garden Design

It is officially growing season. But, are you really doing everything you can to help your landscape and garden truly grow? Garden design and landscaping should involve more than just planting stuff, watching it grow and keeping it alive. With professional garden design land..

Tips for Landscaping Your New Home This Spring

The temperatures are finally beginning to rise, grass is growing and houses are selling! Spring is both a great time of year for gardening and the most popular time of year to buy a home. Most homes are sold between May and August aligning with home landscaping season. Have you recently bought a home and the landscaping is lacking? Invest in profes..

Elements Essential to Landscape Design

Spring weather is on the horizon! That means weekends spent outdoors and prime planting season! Considering a brand new landscape design to breathe new life into your property? The aesthetic and potential resale value of your home go up immediately upon the installation of fine home landscaping, the likes of which Root’s can provide. But, there a..