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How an Experienced Landscaper can Prep Your Yard for an Early Spring

No matter the size of your home, yard and landscaping, a professional landscaper can offer services to enhance and uplift your outdoor area. With spring arriving early here in Pennsylvania, now is a great time to get started! What you should realize is that landscaping services come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a mansion or a sweet rancher, there are landscaping services that can be tailored to meet its needs. There are many different things our landscape contractor can do for your Ephrata property to help get it spring-ready! Here are just a few:

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If you just bought your house or were caught off guard by spring’s early arrival, designing and planning is the first step. Many people who have gardens already probably wish they would’ve done a bit more planning beforehand. A professional landscape contractor can give you recommendations about which plants will do best in your Pennsylvania landscape, what does best in the shade and what should be placed in direct sun.

Our college trained landscape contractors are here to serve you by developing a custom plan for your property. Our experienced landscape crew is detail oriented, and they strive for the best for each client.

Colors will be a huge part of your landscape design. Do you or a family member have a favorite color you’d like to include? Tell your landscaper! This can be a great starting point and the experts at Root’s can help build from there.

Setting things up in proper proportion is one of the most daunting tasks associated with designing the ideal home landscape. Your plants need to be proportionate to each other as well as to whatever plot they are being installed into. A trained, professional landscape contractor from Root’s can step in here, take measurements and help you visualize the scope of your project and what the outcome should look like.


Hiring a professional landscape contractor to come and plant flowers and trees on your lawn can free up your weekends and as well as ensure you get the beautiful, lush landscaping you desire. The expert staff at Root’s Nurseries can enhance your outdoor living area with plantings for four-season enjoyment. Our landscaping professionals can recommend the right plants for your unique property and landscaping.

You and your lawn will be so happy that you called us, and we hope you will come to us every time you need professional landscape contractor. Call our landscape contractor near Ephrata to learn more at 717-898-0041 or contact us today for a Free Estimate.

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