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How the Right Trees Can Help Warm Your Landscape in Winter

The holidays are here so give your home the gift of a better landscape! The expert landscapers at Root’s Nurseries are here to help design a landscape that looks great year-round. And, we know the right trees to plant and where to plant them in order to help make your landscape not only more beautiful but more comfortable as well. As a professional landscape design company serving Mountville and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer up a few tips and services that can help protect and enhance your lawn and landscaping throughout the cold winter months.

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For one, properly selected, placed, and maintained trees and shrubs can provide excellent wind protection, or windbreaks, which will reduce heating costs considerably. Furthermore, the benefits from these windbreaks will increase as the trees and shrubs mature.

Rows of wind-blocking trees reduce wind and heat up your home. The best windbreaks take time and planning, but they will repay you in cozy comfort. Before you start planting, it’s important to map out your yard. Out professional landscape design company can do this for you and then choose the right trees and locations for planting. For example, we might suggest planting windbreaks on the north and northwest sides of your home where it gets coolest in the winter.

And, deciduous trees provide shade from hot summer sun but loose leaves in the winter allowing the solar energy to get to the house and help warm it up in the winter. 

Another important thing to know is while it may seem like planting trees close is the best way to keep the wind out, tightly packed trees will become a problem once they mature. The more space you put between trees in the beginning, the longer your windbreaker does its job.

We also know what kind of trees resistant to deer browsing, a common issue here in Pennsylvania. Or, we can help you choose a sturdy tree that’s perfect for snowy and icy climates. Want your trees to grow quickly? We can recommend fast-growing conifers that will work or you. 

And remember, windbreaks don’t just warm us up in winter. All year long, they can keep your yard at a steady temperature, lowering heating and cooling costs for our home.

Ready to get started selecting the right trees for your winter landscape? Root’s Nurseries can enhance your outdoor living area with plantings for four season enjoyment. For a landscape design company in Mountville, call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041, or you can contact us for a Free Estimate

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