Home Landscaping: The Design Process

Do you want to upgrade the look of your property? Then home landscaping is an easy and creative solution. You can be the envy of the neighbors with a professionally designed landscape. There are many things you’ll have to take into consideration when you begin the design process. If you live near Strasburg, home landscaping can be done by our team of professional designers and installers. Designing a landscape is fun, so we understand you may want to get some ideas before you talk to us. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the basics for first time home landscape designers.


With the Internet, researching the perfect landscape isn’t hard. Get some ideas together about your dream landscape. Find some examples of properties that you think were done well. This may help you in presenting our team with a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Color Scheme

The color pallet will be a large part of your home landscaping design. Maybe you have a favorite color or a favorite plant that you want to be sure to incorporate. This is a good place to start, but our advice to you is to keep it simple. The more adventurous you get with color combinations, the harder it can be to make sure it all matches. Choose a few basic colors to work with.

Plant Proportions

Getting the proportions right may be the most challenging part of designing a home landscape. This is where our team of trained Strasburg home landscaping experts can step in. We can help you visualize what the final project is going to look like. Not only do the plants need to be proportionate to each other, they also need to be proportionate to the space you’re installing them.

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