5 Flowering Shrubs to Add Color to Your Strasburg Landscape

There is little that can compare to a landscape with a variety of dazzling colors. Stone and mulch are nice, but without some color to break up that lawn, it might look pretty drab. Spice up your property with a flowering shrub from Root’s Nurseries. If you live near Strasburg, flowering shrubs can be the addition your landscape needs. In this blog, we explore some of the more popular flowering shrubs that can add color to your property.

1. Azaleas are a beautiful flowering shrub. They bloom in a variety of red, purple, white and pink flowers, sure to liven up any property. Azaleas prefer moderate shade or sun filtered through treetops.

2. Forsythia is a yellow flowering shrub. They like to live in warm, sunny locations. It is one of the first plants to bloom in the spring, so it’s around all growing season to provide beauty.

3. Hydrangeas can bloom in a range of colors. There are whites, blues, purples and pinks that are displayed. They need lots of sun and will not do well in heavy shade.

4. Lilacs will not only give your landscape a beautiful purple pop of color, but also a gorgeous, fragrant smell. They are easy to grow and are low maintenance.

5. Viburnums are a versatile flowering shrub. They have attractive foliage throughout many seasons. They can grow almost anywhere, in full sunlight or in the shade.

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