Strasburg Home Landscaping

If you live around Strasburg, home landscaping is easier than you think. You don’t have to do it yourself. At Root’s Nurseries, we have been involved with designing and installing home landscapes since 1895. Our team is dedicated to providing you with superior service. Your home’s property could be our next project!

Home Landscaping in Strasburg PA


For those interested in home landscaping, we can design a plan that meets all your needs. We will meet with you to really discuss what you are looking for in your new landscape. We want to create something eye catching but practical. We put you in the center of the design process.

4 Seasons of Beauty & Enjoyment

When our team of Strasburg home landscaping experts designs a unique look for your property, they can plan for four seasons of enjoyment. Having a beautiful landscape is not just limited to summer. It’s about how it looks throughout the entire year.

  • Spring: New life and growth beings to take over. A budding landscape, with expertly matched colors, can make any property more beautiful.
  • Summer: Possibly the most desirable season when it comes to landscaping. When we’re planning your landscape, we’ll probably focus most on how you want it to look in summer.
  • Fall: The leaves are changing and a different type of beauty is starting to evolve. Planning for the fall when you choose your plants in the spring will result in a colorful season.
  • Winter: Evergreens and other winter plants are prevalent. Most of the plants that are alive in summer won’t be thriving during the colder months, so hardscaping elements may be more eye catching

Looking for a team of home landscaping experts near Strasburg? Then give us a call today at 717-898-0041 or Request a Free Estimate.