Caring for Shade Trees

There are few things more peaceful than sitting under a shade tree in Mount Joy, or wherever you may be, on a warm day. It’s comforting, relaxing and you get to enjoy the wonders of nature.

However, shade trees in Mount Joy and Lancaster County need to be taken care of in order to ensure they live a full and healthy life. With the hot weather outside, you might be wondering how you can take the best care of your shade trees. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


If you’re going to prune your trees, be sure to do it correctly. You can damage the tree by incorrectly pruning the tree, which can result in you shelling out money to repair the damage done through treatments and other services. Another danger of improper pruning is the tree can then pose a hazard and may need to be completely removed.

Disease and pest management

A shade tree is a plant, and it will need proper protection from diseases and pests in order to best thrive. You should (or have someone) inspect your trees every so often in order to be aware of any diseases or pests that can be impacting the tree’s ability to survive. Acute awareness of issues will help you to address them before it’s too late.

Proper maintenance techniques

  • Fertilizing: Don’t over fertilize the tree, as this can impact its ability to grow. When it comes to fertilizing, there can be too much of a good thing. It’s best to fertilize in the spring and late summer.
  • Branch removal: You’ll want to remove branches that are dead or dying as soon as possible.
  • Watering: As with fertilizer, you don’t want to overdo the watering. Watering your shade tree every 10 days should do the trick, and only water enough to soak into a 1-inch diameter.

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