Shade Trees for Your Lancaster PA Property

We’ve already had a couple of really warm days this spring and it’s only going to get hotter! One way to beat the summer heat is by having shade trees added to your Lancaster PA property. Shade trees can open up all kinds of new options for summer lounging. Imagine being able to actually utilize your backyard this summer to host events or just enjoy the outdoors without the scorching rays of the sun. Before purchasing Lancaster shade trees, you’ll want to consider a few things.

Size of the Shade Tree

When choosing the size of your Lancaster shade tree, you have to think long term. The tree that you plant very well may be there long after you move out. You might want to pick a tree that will live for many years. If you are looking for an instant solution to your shade needs and you choose a smaller, less developed tree, then it will have many years to grow. A smaller tree will probably cost you less and provide future generations with all the same joys of a Lancaster shade tree. Also, different types of shade trees grow at different rates. The slower the tree grows, the longer it tends to live. This may also play a factor in your shade tree purchase.

Best Combination

You’ll want to find the shade tree that best fits you and your needs and  your lifestyle. There are many factors when considering which Lancaster shade tree to purchase for your property. First, nail down the reasons why you are buying this tree. Is it to shade your home, a pool area, your backyard in general, or so it can double as some added privacy? Once you have all that down, you can consult a Lancaster shade tree professional at Roots Nurseries. They will be able to find the best type of tree for your property.

If you’re ready to start the process of planting a shade tree on your Lancaster PA property, call us today at 717-898-0041 or fill out a form for a Free Estimate.