How Shade Trees Can Help to Lower your Millersville Energy Costs

Shade trees provide benefits to not only you, but for your home energy bill as well. By planting shade trees, you may be able to enjoy the outdoors more during the warmer months, but did you know you may also be able to cut down on your energy bills by utilizing shade trees? If you live in Millersville, shade trees not only beautify your property but can provide you with a tangible payback.

Shade Tree Study

The United States Forestry Service ran a computer-simulated test to find out the impact of planting two 25-foot shade trees on the western and eastern edges of a property. The results found that approximately 23% could possibly save on air conditioning bills. While this statistic depends on many factors, shade trees are sure to provide some relief to your summer cooling bills. For the residents of Millersville, shade trees can be a real treat.

Curbing Cooling Costs

If you strategically plant shade trees on your property, you can provide shade over crucial parts of your home. Try to plant your shade trees on the west and east ends of your property, to block out the most powerful of the sun’s rays. This will keep you home cooler, overall. If you plant shade trees to cover your air conditioning units, they will have to work a little less hard. It can also keep your air conditioners working more efficiently. The combined efforts of keeping your home cooler and keeping your air conditioner shaded, can help to reduce the cost of your cooling bills in Millersville. Shade trees are practical and beautiful.

Planning your Landscape

To benefit from shade trees, they have to be planted in the right location on your property. If you live near Millerstown, shade tree experts aren’t too far away! The experts at Root’s Nurseries, Inc., can help you plan out your landscape and choose the shade trees you need. They will be able to suggest the perfect location to get the maximum use of your shade.

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