Landscaping Tips for Pennsylvania from Your Local Landscaper

Though there is still some snow in a few spots on the ground, spring officially arrived over a week ago. And, warm weather will no doubt be making its appearance soon here in Pennsylvania. So, you should be doing what you can to prepare your Millersville landscaping. And, the experts here at Root’s Nurseries would like to offer some pro tips to keep in mind for your lawn and landscaping. We are a local landscaping company, we grow our own trees here and are well versed in what grows best in our area and how to encourage healthy growth. Follow these tips, sit back, relax and watch your landscaping come to life this spring and summer!landscaping

  • Gardening prep should begin while the weather’s cold. Plan where you want new flowers and flowerbeds.
  • Be sure to trim your plants to get the most out of them. Those that are dormant over the winter should be manicured so they look amazing once the weather begins to warm up.
  • Evergreens are a great plant choice, as they stay green all year round.
  • Look at how your flower beds are shaped. If they are all just straight lines, consider adding curves to the edges, or putting in boulders to help break up the flat lines.
  • Take a look at your plants trees and start applying some mulch to them. This helps your plants and trees retain water and keeps them warm during cool spells. If you aren’t sure what type of mulch is best for your yard’s needs, visit us to learn more.
  • Once the weather really begins to warm up, you will want to start watering your home landscaping. The rule of thumb is to water deeply but only when your home landscaping really needs it.
  • Try shade trees. Large shade trees planted on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home create soothing shade from the hot summer sun and reduce summer air conditioning costs by up to3 5%. Maple trees are a great option and will be gorgeous come fall. Their root systems tend to be a bit shallower than other trees, so you should watch where you plant them.
  • Plant some perennials. Perennials help stabilize ecosystems, like forests, and in that way, they help sustain wildlife. And thanks again to their deep roots, they don’t require as much fertilizer and water.

And, these are just some great tips you can try for your Pennsylvania landscaping this spring. So, when you’re ready to get started, contact our landscaping company and we will get your projects underway!

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