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Elements Essential to Landscape Design

Spring weather is on the horizon! That means weekends spent outdoors and prime planting season! Considering a brand new landscape design to breathe new life into your property? The aesthetic and potential resale value of your home go up immediately upon the installation of fine home landscaping, the likes of which Root’s can provide. But, there are a few things you should always consider when designing a new landscape. And, if you’d like some expert help, contact the professional Landisville landscape designers here at Root’s Nurseries. We help all of Central Pennsylvania with their unique landscaping needs.

Landscape Designers Landisville


As landscape designers, we love color! Color and color design should be a big part of your landscaping design. Perhaps you have a preferred plant or a favorite color that you wish to include. A nice starting point, our advice to you is to keep things simple. Go with a just few basic colors when plotting the look of your new landscaping. And, our landscape designers can help you choose the right colors for your unique home.

Plants that Thrive

It is important you choose plants, flowers and shrubbery that will thrive in our Pennsylvania climate. And, the expert landscape designers her at Root’s are local to the area and know the best greenery to include. They can also tell you how to care for them and keep them growing and looking their best.


Planting in proper proportion is one of the daunting tasks our landscape designers take on when designing your landscape. Our team of trained, professional home landscape designers can help you visualize the outcome of the final project and design, plant and mulch accordingly. Our landscape designers understand your plants need to be proportionate to each other as well as to whatever plot they are being installed into.

Let’s get started today! The process begins with designing the ideal home landscaping set-up. There many aspects of such an undertaking that you will need to consider. Our professional landscape designers and installers will work with you, seeking your ideas on what you are looking for, and start on a landscape design that will not only benefit the look of your home but its overall value as well.

For more information on landscape designers in Landisville or any of the surrounding areas, call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041 or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.

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