Tips for Landscaping Your New Home This Spring

The temperatures are finally beginning to rise, grass is growing and houses are selling! Spring is both a great time of year for gardening and the most popular time of year to buy a home. Most homes are sold between May and August aligning with home landscaping season. Have you recently bought a home and the landscaping is lacking? Invest in professional home landscaping to get your new home’s yard off to a great start.

Landscaping for a new home is different and more difficult than simply updating existing landscaping. It can also be a lot of fun! With a new home you’re working with a clean slate so it’s a wonderful opportunity to design and create a landscape that’s exactly what you’ve always wanted. As experts in home landscaping for Mountville we have a few suggestions to help you start transforming your new home’s lawn into a landscape to be admired. And when you’re ready to get started contact the home landscaping experts at Root’s Nurseries and we will get started designing the landscape of your dreams for the home of your dreams!

Home Landscaping Mountville

Plan Ahead

Have a basic plan for how your home landscaping will be used and how it will look. Will you be entertaining guests? Are you looking for privacy? Is there a swimming pool or patio? Do you want a patio or other type of hardscaping? What color combinations do you like? The answers to these questions can help you define the parameters of your new home landscaping design. And, don’t forget to consider your budget. This is an important part of defining the size and scope of your new home landscaping.


Prioritize the different elements of your home landscaping. First, start with any hardscaping you’d like installed this year before moving on to the installation of shrubs, shade trees, sod and seasonal color beds in front of the house. You should focus on the front yard first because that is the most visible part of the landscaping. And, planting trees early makes sense because they take time to grow. Then, tackle the back yard and anything on the sides of the home.


Make sure you have any necessary maintenance information for your new home landscaping. Pay close attention to watering requirements of new plantings. Also, understand the year-round needs for all of your newly installed plants like pruning, fertilization, winter prep and more. The experts at Root’s Nurseries can help with this!
And finally, have fun! Designing a new landscape for your brand new home should be an exciting time and a great chance to explore the potential of your new home’s lawn.
Why not consider Root’s Nurseries for your exciting home landscaping project in Mountville?

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