Finding Balance and Harmony in Your Landscaping

If you recently looked at your garden and thought it could use a little TLC, this is a great time of year to get the plants, trees and shrubs you have always wanted. After all, spring is prime growing season! As landscape designers serving Mt Joy and the surrounding areas, we have a few tips on how to plan the perfect garden.

Keep in mind that you do not want to try to mimic formal gardens, like the ones you see at Buckingham Palace or somewhere equally as fancy. While formal gardens are lovely to look at, they are a huge hassle to try to maintain. Even the most careful landscape designers cannot account for how fickle Mother Nature can be sometimes. There are too many variations in soil and light to try to plant and care for a formal garden on your own.

You should aim for plants that mostly match. For example, try to find plants and flowers that have similar leaf shapes. Or try to find ones that are around the same size or are a similar color. You do not have to have the exact same flowers or plants throughout your entire garden. Having a variety of flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants makes your garden more interesting to look at.

You should also plant flowers in groups instead of rows. Rows can look too rigid and unforgiving. But planting flowers in a group is more interesting to look at. Flowers and plants can also complement your home by softening harsh edges. You can use evergreens along your home’s foundation to make it look more appealing.

And even though the temperatures and weather in Pennsylvania can be extreme at times, you should aim to have a focal point in your garden all year round. Pick a flower or plant that will thrive in each season and use that to help draw people’s eyes to a certain section of your garden. Our landscape designers can help you select the best plants, flowers or trees for this purpose.

Following these simple guidelines can help your garden look great no matter what time of year it is. And if you have any questions, ask one of our landscape designers!

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