The Many Benefits of Landscaping Shrubs

When it is time to plan and plant your landscaping, there are plenty of options. You could plant flowers, bushes, trees, shrubs and much more. Many of these types of plants flourish and thrive in our climate and environment, and shrubs are definitely popular. Here are a few reasons you should consider landscaping shrubs for your Mt Joy home.

The most obvious reason landscaping shrubs are a great choice is because of their beauty. Many different types of shrubs have pretty and unique flowers. This makes them a great focal point for your garden, or you can simply plant a few in your yard or in a specific section of your yard. The amount of sunlight and moisture they need depend on the type you buy.

Shrubs are also an excellent natural source of shade. You and your family can relax in their shadow and enjoy a reprieve from the hot sun. You could also plant some landscaping shrubs and then, underneath them, plant some shade-loving flowers. You could get them in colors that complement each other, and that could really bring up the wow factor of your garden or landscaping. After all, one of the most important parts of your garden or landscaping is a focal point or two. A few pretty landscaping shrubs and some strategically placed flowers can really brighten up the outside of your home.

Shrubs planted near your home for shade can also help lower your cooling bills in the summer. The rooms in your home that are shaded by your landscaping shrubs could be much more enjoyable to sit in for you and the rest of your family!

Finally, shrubs are a great way to encourage wildlife to come around. Birds and other small critters love to nest in them. So if you are a bird watcher or insect lover, you could see a wide variety show up when you plant some landscaping shrubs. Set out a bird feeder or a squirrel feeder and watch what shows up!

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