Caring for Trees in the Spring

The outdoor temperatures are finally starting to swing upwards, which is great news for those who love warmer weather. This time of year, people are quite busy choosing new trees, shrubs and plants to add to their yards. So we thought we would take some time to offer some basic tree care tips.

Tree care depends a lot on the type of tree you are dealing with. Some trees need more water than others, but there are still some general rules of thumb you can follow.

Trees need just the right amount of water and moisture to grow and thrive, but you can’t assume that your trees are getting all of the water they need when you water your grass. Grass roots will compete with tree roots for that water. Most trees need the soil to be moistened at least a foot to foot and a half deep in order for their roots to be able to get to the water.

After you buy a tree from Root’s Nurseries, you should make sure it gets regular deep watering for at least the first two to three years of growth. Ask one of our staff members about the specific tree you just bought to know exactly how much water to give it and how frequently it should get watered. You can check for how moist the soil is by using a soil probe or by gently digging into the soil.

When you water your new tree, you should be sure to aim the water directly at the root mass or root ball. You can place a slow-trickling hose along the side of the trunk to ensure it gets watered properly.

Also, young trees need plenty of mulch. Aim to have three inches of mulch around the base of your new tree at all times. The type of mulch that is best suited for your tree will depend on the type of tree you bought. Just ask one of our employees if you do not know what type of mulch to get.

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