Do You Have a Plan to Protect Your Landscape this Winter?

We can help you implement a winter plan! Has your landscape fallen through the cracks with everything else you have to worry about this holiday season? The expert landscapers at Root’s Nurseries are here to help, As a professional landscaper serving Strasburg and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer up a few tips and services that can help protect your lawn and landscaping throughout the cold winter months.

Strasburg Landscaper


The pruning of trees on your property should be done at this time of year or at some point during the cooler months. Our landscaper can provide you with the right pruning to help your trees thrive now through spring and back into summer. Pruning takes the skilled hands and knowledgeable training of a professional landscaper that knows how to encourage plant life to best adapt to our local Pennsylvania climate. As a local landscaper, we know how to do so!

We can even provide pruning that looks great too! We can help you create a garden maze or dramatic outlines with hedges that will look impressive all year long.


Deadheading of perennials is a necessary task for your landscaping. A trimming of the dead, old growth needs to occur so that fresh, new growth for the upcoming spring months can occur. If you do not wish to handle this on your own, call or visit our landscaper to let us know.


Make sure you’ve planted some shrubs or trees that don’t go dormant in the winter. After all, you’ll want something to look at! Your Root’s landscaper can help you choose distinctive evergreens as well as perennials with large seedpods that bring interest when covered in snow.

Bonus Tip!

Your lawn is in something of a state of hibernation during the winter months. So, it is important to remember that if you place anything with some weight on it on the property during several months of freeze and thaw, you will encounter a flattened grass presentation. This will set your lawn up to have its grass grow horizontally, or, even, not grow at all in the spring time, possibly killing the patch outright.

The expert staff at Root’s Nurseries can enhance your outdoor living area with plantings for four season enjoyment. Are you looking for a professional landscaper in Strasburg? Call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041, or you can contact us for a Free Estimate.