Shade Trees in Fall

Shade trees can provide many comforts in the summer, but summer is now winding down. Temperatures have been mild enough recently that you may not have even needed to sit under the shade of a tree. What we’re starting to look forward to is the exquisite fall foliage that is plentiful in Pennsylvania. These shade trees can light up your yard with oranges, reds, yellows or a combination of them all. By thinking ahead when you choose your shade trees, you can ensure many years of bright colors. It is possible to plant shade trees in the fall as well as the spring. So, if you are looking for shade trees near Mount Joy, give us a call to view our selection!

Sugar Maple
Sugar Maples are a very colorful tree, come fall. It is not only pretty to look at, but functional as well. It is famous for its ability to produce maple syrup. It has been significant throughout history as a maple producer and as a source of timber. Typically, a mature Sugar Maple grows to a height of 70 to 90 feet tall. Their leaves are large and dense, making them a good source of shade and a beautiful contribution to your yard in the fall.

Red Sunset Maple
Red Sunset Maples are notorious for flaming red leaves during fall. It is our most popular shade tree, and the U.S. Forest Service recognizes it as the most common variety of tree in America. At maturity, it reaches almost 50 feet and it grows well in almost any climate. Like the Sugar Maple, it is also utilized for its syrup and lumber. This type of tree can make the perfect addition to any Mount Joy property.

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