Types of Japanese Maples

Japanese Maple Trees are some of the most popular types of trees in this area: and with good reason! They are beautiful, easy to care for and maintain, and they can really enhance the look of your yard and landscaping. Japanese Maples come in several different varieties. Here are a few of the ones we carry at Root’s Nurseries.


One of the most popular Japanese Maple Trees, this red-leaved tree is hardy, reliable and beautiful. It requires full sun and partial shade in order to grow properly and thrive.

bloodgood japanese maple roots nurseries manheim pa


Emperor Japanese Maple Trees are an even more vibrant shade of red than Bloodgood. They tolerate heat very well and also require full sun and partial shade to grow.

japanese maple root's nurseries manheim lancaster pa

Sango Kaku

A low-maintenance tree, the Sango Kaku turns a lovely shade of reddish purple during the growing season. It also needs full sun and partial shade to grow. And its winter bark is a pink color, which makes it a great choice for year-round enjoyment.

Crimson Queen

The Crimson Queen Japanese Maple also looks great all year. It has dark purple leaves in the summer that fade slightly in late summer. Then the leaves turn bright red in the fall. It, too, needs full sun and partial shade to grow and thrive.

Toyama Nishiki

With cream and pink overtones, Toyama Nishiki Japanese Maple Trees are lovely to look at in the spring. During the fall season, you will enjoy bright orange and red leaves. Just be sure they get plenty of sun and partial shade.

japanese maple root's nurseries manheim pennsylvania


This beautiful Japanese Maple has bright red leaves that develop best when they are grown in the full sun. If the weather outside is very hot, some shade is advised for these types of maples.


With deep red and purple leaves, the Tameukeyama Japanese Maple is one of the most colorful choices we have. The leaves change to a bright scarlet color in the fall, and this type of Japanese Maple is one of the fastest growing.

These are just a few of the many types of trees we sell. Call or visit us to see what else we have in stock!

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