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Tips from Your Local Landscaper: End of Summer Landscaping

We hope you have had the pleasure of enjoying a flourishing, thriving landscape all summer long. If you’ve enlisted the help of our professional landscaper, you undoubtedly have been reaping the benefits. And now that summer is coming to an end, there is no reason your enjoyment has to come to an end along with it. Our landscaper is here to offer tips to help wrap up your summer landscaping and prepare it for the cooler months; that you can enjoy it all through the off season and into next spring. As the trusted landscaper for Lancaster, here at Root’s Nurseries we care about local landscaping and would like to provide a few tips that will help you enhance the growth of your spring lawn and garden through efforts made this late summer and fall. Here are a few.


First, the time has arrived to enjoy your final mowing of the lawn. This particular mow will allow for you to drop those blades and cut a bit shorter that you otherwise would. When is the last mow? When the grass stops growing! Mowing your lawn right before winter helps keep it healthy throughout the colder months. Without a pre-winter cut, lawns can develop a moldy fungus. Keep your grass looking good by mowing it to the right height before the cold weather hits.

Next, fertilize. Get some high-phosphorous fertilizer mix at your local landscaper and apply generously to your lawn. Utilizing this sort of fertilizer will encourage the growth of roots that will allow for green turf emerging much earlier in the Spring than otherwise it would.

It is also important to do away with dead items from any and all areas of your lawn. Should the fall yield an excessive amount of leaves, rake and remove those as well. Ridding your lawn of dead leaves will prevent them from blocking out sunlight that otherwise would reach your grass or landscaping.

And, once your fall lawn and landscaping maintenance is complete, you can rest easy knowing next spring will yield a much healthier landscape as a result. Not sure if you’ve properly prepared your lawn for fall and winter? Call upon an expert landscaper at Root’s Nurseries. Our landscaper can even help you plant shrubs and trees that will look great all season long!

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