Taming of the Shrub: How to Care for Your Landscaping Shrubs

So, how do you tame and take care of a shrub? Does it need frequent watering? How much pruning is too much pruning? At Root’s Nurseries we are experts in landscaping shrubs for Landisville and the surrounding areas and are here to answer these very questions! Shrubs are a great way to add structure, character and design elements to your landscaping so it is no wonder they are very popular. So, if you decide to incorporate new landscaping shrubs or if you’ve inherited shrubs at your newly bought home, here are a few tips to help them thrive:

Quality Shrubbery

It is important to get your new landscaping shrubs from landscapers you can depend on. Shrubs initially grown in poor conditions will likely never thrive. At Root’s Nurseries, we grow our own trees on 120 acres! That way, our customers know that when they work with our landscaper, they are getting the healthiest trees and shrubs possible.

Fall & Winter Care

Sometimes, temperatures outside get quite cold but the leaves of landscaping shrubs can get warm in the sun, which results in transpiration. That can pull water away from the landscaping shrubs, which means they will not get as much water as they need. A lot of water in the fall can help. The amount of water needed will depend on the specific type of shrub, and we can tell you how much water your shrubs need when you give us a call.landscaper

You can also help mitigate winter snow and sun damage by wrapping the shrubs’ trunks in some type of protective material, like burlap or corrugated paper that is a light color. You want to keep the bark from experiencing extremes in temperature.


Mulch is also another great way to help protect your new landscaping shrubs’ root systems. The type and amount of mulch needed also depends on the type of shrubs you buy, and we can advise you on this as well.


Pruning is no easy task so please give us a call for assistance if you’d like. But, in the meantime, here is a short starting point for pruning any kind of plant: Remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as you see them. Dead stems attract insects and invite diseases to develop.

Also remove crossing branches, water sprouts and suckers from your landscaping shrubs.

And, if you are still unsure of how to care for your landscaping shrubs, or any other plant in your garden, let the experts here at Root’s Nurseries know. We can give you tips on how to make sure they stay healthy and thriving.

Ready to learn more about how to take care of your landscaping shrubs near Landisville? Call us at Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041, visit our Garden Center or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.