New Video: How Root’s Nurseries and Trees Can Help Your Landscaping

We recently posted a new video about the importance of trees and how our nursery can provide you with plenty of trees for your landscaping needs. Trees are an incredibly important part of our environment. They help keep us and Mother Earth healthy and happy.

Trees have a lot of value when it comes to keeping our environment healthy, not to mention their aesthetics when it comes to landscaping and making the natural scenery prettier and more colorful. They provide oxygen, improve the quality of the air, help with climate amelioration, help to conserve water and preserve soil, and they also help support wildlife such as birds, squirrels, chipmunks and more.

Trees also take in carbon dioxide and then turn it into oxygen, which is great news for us considering that is what we breathe! Did you know that one acre of a forest produces enough oxygen to help 18 people breathe for one year?

Trees also help moderate the effects of the wind, rain and sun. Leaves help to filter out of the sun’s radiant energy, and that helps keep us cool in the summer. Trees can shield us from the harsh wind and cold, not to mention precipitation like rain and sleet. They can also help lower the air temperature and help maintain the low levels of carbon dioxide the atmosphere needs to stay healthy.

Trees are great, all around. Adding them to your landscaping is not just making your outdoor area prettier and more pleasing to the eye. Trees can keep you healthier, and they can help keep our environment clean and healthy too! It is a win-win situation!

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