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Trees with Brilliant Autumn Color Plus Other Advantages

Look outside your Pennsylvania window and you’ll see that a number of deciduous trees offer spectacular fall color. But fall is only so long and the best landscape trees will offer something of value for other seasons as well. As the trusted landscape contractor for Manheim and all of Central Pennsylvania, we have put together a list of some of our favorite trees that offer autumn and often year-round enjoyment.

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Whether you want trees or shrubs for shade or a wind break, need to cover a garden bed, or just want to add visual appeal, our team can help. We know just the right trees to add that pop of color you’re looking for! Here are some of the fall foliage trees to look out for and look into.

River Birch

River birch may be one of the more popular birch trees used in landscaping in North America but you should consider other types of birch, too. The classic paper birch displays bark with white color, while yellow birch offers an interesting golden bark. And, the river birch is not only beautiful in fall all year long due to its fascinating peeling bark.

Black Gum

Black gum trees offer a fantastic scarlet fall hue. It even has an excellent tolerance to wet soil, even adapting to standing water. It has blackish fruits that are a favorite food of birds and adding to its beauty is the shininess of its leaves.


There are many different types if maples and all offer beautiful fall foliage. Even their names give it away; Autumn Blaze, Burgundy Belle, October Glory and Red Sunset are just to name a few. 

Gingko Biloba (Fruitless Male Varieties)

Gingko trees have brilliant yellow fall colors and beautiful, distinctive fan-shaped leaves. It is also the most reliable for fall color even in years when other trees don’t have the best showing. The ginkgo is also a durable and versatile tree which can be used as a street tree, in the garden or as a high screen. But be sure to choose a male variety as female ginkgo trees drop stinky fruit.

And, these are just a few of our favorite fall foliage trees. Want to learn more? At Root’s Nurseries we grow our own trees on our 120 acres. The expert staff at Root’s Nurseries can enhance your outdoor living area with plantings for 4 season enjoyment. A wide variety of healthy shade trees, shrubs and other plants are at the disposal of our landscape contractor who will get the job done right the first time. 

Ready to get started growing some fall foliage of your own? Our landscape company near Manheim can assist with tree and plant selection to provide both function and aesthetics. The best part is our team will install everything for you! Call 717-898-0041 or Contact Us online today! 

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