The Perks of Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are popular at many Millersville homes. Not only do they add color to your landscaping, but they also come back year after year, which makes them pretty low maintenance. Here are a few reasons why we love perennials so much.

Slow and Steady

Perennial plants take some time to establish roots and grow. So if you were to plant some tomorrow, you probably wouldn’t see them bloom until next spring or even next fall. But don’t worry! Those roots are growing deeply into the soil, building a root system that can get to water and nutrients that their annual counterparts cannot reach. This doesn’t just help the perennial plants grow better and with less maintenance on your part, it also helps to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.

Speaking of Deep Roots

The deep root system of perennial plants helps them adapt better to extreme weather and environmental conditions. And because they grow so slowly, they use a smaller amount of nutrients over a longer period of time as compared to annual plants. In cold climates like here in Pennsylvania during the winter months, perennial plants will go dormant and stop growing. When spring comes around again, they will resume growing earlier than annuals because perennials have already established that deep root system.

Examples of Perennial Plants

If you go outside and look around, we guarantee you will see perennial plants. Trees are a great example of perennials. Perennials help stabilize ecosystems, like forests, and in that way, they help sustain wildlife. And thanks again to their deep roots, they don’t require as much fertilizer and water, which also helps keep Mother Earth healthy and happy.

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