Springtime Tips & Preparations for Trees and Summer Weeds

May is National Home Improvement Month! This time of year, everyone is quite busy updating areas of the home with a fresh coat of paint or with overall spring cleaning. And it’s important not to neglect your lawn! To enhance the look of your lawn or business property, work with an expert landscaper at Root’s Nurseries and we can set your property up with all sorts of new trees and shrubbery.


While the weather is warm, take time this month to choose new trees, shrubs and plants to add to your yard and create a fresh new look for your landscape. With a new landscape also comes preventative care for your trees and weeds. And as a trusted landscaper for Landisville, we thought we would take some time to offer some basic lawn care tips. And if you have any questions about trees, weeds or other landscaping needs, feel free ask a friendly Root’s landscaper for more expert advice.


Trees need just the right amount of water and moisture to thrive, but you can’t assume that your trees are getting all of the water they need whenever you water your grass. Grass roots will compete with tree’s roots for that water. Most trees need the soil to be moistened at least a foot to a foot and a half deep in order for their roots to be able to get to the water.

Ask a Root’s landscaper about the specific tree you just bought to know exactly how much water to give it and how frequently it should get watered. You can check for how moist the soil is by using a soil probe or by gently digging into the soil. The type of mulch you get also depends on the type of tree you have. Young trees need plenty of mulch. Aim to have three inches of mulch around the base of your new tree at all times. Not sure what mulch to get or how mulch to buy? Contact us and a landscaper can give you their expert advice.


Did you know that one single weed is capable of producing as many as 250,000 seeds? These seeds can survive for a year or can lie in wait for decades. Other weed types even have seeds that can come to your lawn by air or can even be brought to a new location by your shoes. As such, you will want to be on top of the very first weeds you encounter. Once you see one, we suggest spraying with Round Up which kills the weed to the root. Simply pulling can leave roots in the ground which means weeds will just come up again. A landscaper at Root’s Nurseries can help you create a weed fighting regimen for your specific lawn.

Tip: An empty patch of land will quickly become filled with weeds if they are not pulled as soon as they begin sprouting. Should you be a composter, take these weeds and add them to your compost heap to kill the seeds. If not, contact our landscaper and we can assist you.

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