Landisville Shade Trees

If you live in Landisville, shade trees can provide many great benefits. Summers in Pennsylvania can be particularly hot and humid and shade trees can help provide your backyard with a shaded oasis. Shade trees don’t just add beauty to your outdoor living area; they can also help lower your utility bills by protecting your home from the sun’s hot rays. A more shaded yard can help you relax and enjoy the great outdoors even more. Imagine enjoying your backyard, sitting beneath the shade of your trees and enjoying the summer outdoors. Root’s can turn this dream into a reality.

Root’s Nurseries is a trusted landscaper for Landisville and the surrounding areas and provides local, reliable and beautiful landscaping designs throughout Central Pennsylvania. And, no matter your landscaping design vision, our professional landscaper can create a custom design of shade trees for your specific property and complete the entire installation from start to finish. Or, if you prefer, we can simply advise you on what plants and shade trees thrive best in the area.

Give us a call today so we can tell you more about our shade trees, landscapers and all of the services we provide.

About Shade Trees

Root’s Nurseries has been in business since 1895, so we are the area’s trusted experts on shade trees, landscaping and more. We strive to grow and offer the highest quality of trees and other plants . With Root’s Nurseries, all of the guesswork is taken out and the very best technique is used in designing your landscape. We even grow our own trees and shade trees on our 120 acres. That way, our customers know that when they work with us, they are getting the healthiest shade trees possible.

We offer a variety of shade trees, including:

  • Fourteen types of maples
  • Three types of elm trees
  • Several types of ash
  • Nine types of oaks
  • Seven types of Japanese maples
  • Four types of dogwoods
  • And many more

Unsure which shade trees work best for your landscape? The experts at Root’s Nurseries can help you choose the best trees for you.

Contact Us about Shade Trees

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