Preventative Spring Preparations for Summer Weeds

To enhance the look of your lawn or business property, our designers—college-trained professional landscape contractors—will set your home or business property up with all sorts of fancy with all of your tree and shrubbery needs. If you are looking for someone to remove having to think about your landscaping set-up, or just plant trees and shrubs around your business or home in Lititz, hire a landscape contractor. Maintenance after install, that is all you.

Spring has sprung! So too shall your weeds. Once landscape, lawn and/or gardens begin their respective annual bloom, one must be ready to pounce on those pesky weeds, immediately.

The multiplication factor is a very real phenomenon in the gardening world. One single weed, depending on its sort, is capable of producing as many as 250,000 seeds. These seeds can be good for a year or can lie in wait for decades. Then again, other weed types arrive by air or can even be brought to a new location by your shoes. As such, you will want to be on top of the very first weeds you encounter. Once you see one, you can count on there being many more of its sort in and around it in a very short amount of time. Pull it, get it by the root, spray the area if deemed necessary.

Weeds rob the soil in the area they occupy of nutrients, thieving them from the plants or grass you actually do want to grow in the area they occupy. On the whole, preventing weeds in the first place is a far simpler process than is getting rid of them once they sprout. Follow these tips to prevent weeds from popping up in the first place:

  • No Weed to Seed: An empty patch of land will quickly go the way of the weeds if they are not pulled quickly upon their sprouting. Should you be a composter, take these pulled weeds and add them to your 140º F-160º F compost heap to kill the seeds.
  • Weed-free mulches: Use straw, pine bark
  • Soil setting: Prep for planting. Let it set for 7-10 days, work the soil with a hoe, slicing off emergent weed seedlings. Time-permitting, repeat this process after another 7-10 days before planting.
  • Cover the soil: Use black plastic to kill existing weeds and stop the seed germination process.
  • Vertical barriers: Metal, plastic or wood barriers placed between lawn and garden prevents the creeping of grass.
  • The Sun: Cover bare soil with transparent plastic for a few weeks or a month to kill the weeds within the top couple inches of soil.
  • Mulch: Again. Use a 3-4 inch layer between the rows of your garden.

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