Keep Cool with Shade Trees

Shade trees at your Lancaster home are a great way to stay cool and still be environmentally friendly. Here in Lancaster, we have several options for shade trees that are beautiful and thrive in this climate and soil.

Maples are a great option for shade trees. There are many different kinds available, like sugar maples and red maples, and they are gorgeous in the fall. Their root systems tend to be a bit shallower than other trees, so you should watch where you plant them. But maples will grow anywhere from 40 feet to 70 feet, depending on the kind you get. However, avoid Silver Maples, which break apart as they grow.

Another option for shade trees is oaks. These majestic trees are lovely as they mature, even if they don’t produce the prettiest fall colors. They will last you for several generations, if not longer, and they can grow 70+ feet. A Red Oak tree will grow fairly quickly in the right conditions.

Elm trees are also an excellent choice when you’re looking for shade trees. These trees live for a long time, and they can grow up to 50 feet in height. Lacebark elms will tolerate a wide variety of soils.

Lesser known shade trees like Katsura are also great picks. They grow up to 60 feet and their leaves are a pretty blue-ish green in the summer time. The leaves will change to yellow in the fall.

Finally, you could also go with a Zelkova tree. They get to about 65 feet in height, and they also grow very quickly. They are very similar to elm trees, and they like moist soil. We carry the Green Vase, Musahire and Village Green varieties.

When you need shade trees for your Lancaster yard, call Root’s Nurseries at 717-898-0041 or contact us.