Home Landscaping Lititz

When you want to give the look of your Lititz property extra sizzle, nothing makes the difference like well-planned home landscaping. With the right trees and shrubs, you can add a wide range of beauty to your property. And the expert landscape designers at Root’s Nurseries can do just the trick.

Lancaster Landscaping Tips

  • Shade Trees
    When planted at the proper location, they can soften the harsh lines of any building, and also provide energy-saving shade!
  • Evergreen Trees & Shrubs
    These provide year-round privacy and screening.
  • Flowering Trees & Shrubs
    A perfect choice when you want to add a splash of color in the spring.

Why Root’s Nurseries?

Our staff enhances your outdoor living areas with plantings, trees, shrubs and more that are meant to be enjoyed throughout each season. We have been landscaping for quite some time, and our reputation in Lititz and the surrounding areas is quite sound.

Our trees are grown by us on our 120-acre tree farm. We are able to control the quality and deliver to our customers a consistent product. The landscape designers at Root’s Nurseries, all college educated, service you by creating a customized plan for each property. Our landscape crew is detail-oriented and strives for the best of each client.

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