Home Landscaping for Lancaster Families

“Polar Vortex,” “snow” and “use caution” have been hot keywords this winter in central Pennsylvania. While you’re busy shoveling your car out to go to work, you’re probably not paying a whole lot of attention to your home landscaping. Lancaster residents have done a lot of snow removal this winter, but not enough to forget about the landscaping! In this blog, we’re going to cover some winter home landscaping tips that many Lancaster residents can use.

Evergreen Trees

For obvious reasons, evergreen trees are a staple of any Lancaster winter landscape. They are beautiful all year long, but they really get their chance to shine in the winter! If you don’t already have evergreens on your property, 2014 is the year to have them planted. You can line your property or use them creatively in an overall home landscaping design.

Fruiting Trees with Berries

There are a number of trees and shrubs that produce berries in the fall and well into the winter. These add a pop of color to your home landscaping, as well as provide nourishment for birds and animals during the cold Lancaster winters. Trees and shrubs with berries are appealing to the eye and will accent evergreen trees well as part of an overall home landscaping plan.

Decorate Summer Containers

If you’re left with numerous empty summer home landscaping planters and other containers, fill them during the winter. If you have flower boxes that sit empty under your windows, fill them with evergreen branches. Or, if you have other empty containers throughout your Lancaster yard, combine some evergreen boughs, holly leaves and twigs to draw the eye.

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