Garden Design Landscaping Mountville

Have you looked at your Mountville yard and gotten discouraged because it is lacking in design? Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home and while the house was perfect for your needs, the landscaping left much to be desired. If this sounds familiar, but leaves you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of coming up with a garden design or landscape that works for your needs, style and budget, you are not alone!

Homeowners everywhere often find themselves looking out at their lawns and wondering what they can do to make it more appealing. After all, when the weather outside is calling for outdoor celebrations and gatherings, you want a yard that has a garden design or landscape that works for your needs.

Deciding on Garden Design Landscaping that Works for You

As you look at your lawn, chances are you see much potential for creating the perfect landscape and garden design, but the thought of determining what that might look like can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are garden design landscaping specialists near Mountville, such as the team at Root’s Nurseries, who can craft the perfect yard for you. When you meet with them there will be a wide range of questions to consider in deciding on an approach. Some of these considerations will include:

  • What are your needs and wants?
  • What are your long term and short-term plans for your landscaping design?
  • Are you already aware of where any plumbing, gas or electrical lines are located?
  • Are you certain about where property lines land?
  • Have you established a budget?
  • Do you have any particular elements you wish – or don’t want – to have included?
  • Do you have children or grandchildren who will be playing outside?
  • How much outdoor entertaining do you (or plan to do)?
  • Do wish to have a vegetable garden, flower garden(s), shrubbery and trees or perhaps a mixture of everything?
  • Do you want only trees that bear leaves, or do you want blooming or fruit trees?
  • What are the sun and wind patterns on the property?
  • What would you like as the focal point of the garden design landscaping?
  • If there are not walkways already in place, will you want those included?
  • How much maintenance are you willing/able to invest in the finished design?
  • What gardening/landscaping tools do you have available to do the maintenance with? Are you going to purchase ones you need or do you plan to hire a landscaping team?

Contact Root’s Nurseries for Your Custom Garden Design Landscaping

If you are ready to take your Mountville lawn to the next level, now is the time to call Root’s Nurseries. Our talented team will be happy to work with you and create a custom garden design landscaping that meets all the important criteria. Give us a call today at (717) 898-0041 or fill out our form for a Free Estimate.