Fall Tree Planting

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year because it means one thing for us: deciduous trees. We love being able to help folks find the perfect deciduous tree to add to their landscape. And every year when autumn rolls around, we know we’ll have customers anxious to begin planting trees.

Root’s Nurseries Is Your Fall Tree Planting Source

When it comes to fall tree planting in central Pennsylvania, no one has the quality and selection of deciduous trees that Root’s Nurseries does. We’ve had customers travel from out of state to take advantage of our selection and to find that perfect tree which can provide beautiful fall foliage. Here are pictures of a few of our beautiful trees.




Fall is a Perfect Time for Tree Planting

Many think spring is the time for planting, but fall is also a great time for planting trees or shrubs. Why? Once a few frosts have come and gone, you’ll have plants that are dormant and less active, but the soil is still warm enough throughout the winter for root growth. Once spring rolls around, these roots will be ready to take up water. When leaves begin to appear, this means increased roots that can more easily access the water reservoir.

Here are some articles well worth reading about fall tree planting:

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