Fall Landscape Checklist from Landscape Designers

Fall is nearly here and with it comes a slew of landscaping related chores you should do before the winter weather hits. As landscape designers near Ephrata, we have some tips on what you should do to prepare your yard for winter’s upcoming freezing temperatures, snow and ice.

  • Fall is the best time of year to fertilize your grass. Your grass and other plants still need to eat during the winter time, and fertilizing them gives them the nutrients they need to thrive until next spring.
  • You should mow your grass until it stops growing for the season. Mow it and then keep an eye on it. If it keeps growing, keep mowing. When it stops, that is one chore you can cross off your To Do List until next spring.
  • While raking leaves is not a favorite chore for most people, it is an important part of maintaining your grass and landscaping. Be sure to do it at least once a week throughout the entire fall and winter seasons, weather permitting. Avoid leaving heavy items like trash bags and garbage cans on your lawn too. They can damage your grass and plants.
  • Prune your trees and shrubs. Landscape designers like us can help with this and give you advice on the best way to handle pruning. We can tell you how far to cut back the limbs, and we can give you more information on the best time to start pruning.
  • Cut back any perennials you have in your yard too. “Dead head” them and cut off any dead blooms or stems.
  • Remove any annual plants and flowers from your yard.
  • Aerate your soil. This is when you place holes in your yard and pull out some of the soil. This allows water, fertilizer and air to get deeper into your grass and its root system, and it results in healthier grass in the spring. Also take some time to pull weeds, which might help mitigate any weed problems you might have next spring.
  • Consult landscape designers like us for more suggestions on how to prepare your yard and landscaping for the upcoming winter months.

With a little preparation now, you could help your grass and landscaping thrive next spring.

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