Maintain Your Landscaping this Fall: Tips for Protecting Trees and Shrubbery

As you prepare your Mt Joy landscaping for fall, the Root’s Nurseries team wants to help you maintain and protect the trees and shrubbery in your landscaping design. After all, you have invested a great deal of time into creating a landscaping design that shows off your location to its full potential. Because we know […]

Wrapping Up Your Summer Landscaping: How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall

Cooler weather is right around the corner and the end of summer is a great time to take care of lawn problems or ward off problems that could arise in the future. Leaves will soon be turning and falling to the ground. Aeration and fertilization is one place to start. You do not want to […]

Caring for Your New Landscaping Shrubs

If you just bought some new landscaping shrubs for your Lancaster home, you might be wondering how to care for them during the winter months. Do you have to water them on a daily basis? How much sunlight should they get? What can you do to protect them from Pennsylvania’s harsh winters? We can answer […]

The Many Benefits of Landscaping Shrubs

When it is time to plan and plant your landscaping, there are plenty of options. You could plant flowers, bushes, trees, shrubs and much more. Many of these types of plants flourish and thrive in our climate and environment, and shrubs are definitely popular. Here are a few reasons you should visit our garden center […]