Go Beyond the Status Quo & Do More for Your Landscape with Professional Garden Design

It is officially growing season. But, are you really doing everything you can to help your landscape and garden truly grow? Garden design and landscaping should involve more than just planting stuff, watching it grow and keeping it alive. With professional garden design landscaping at your Ephrata home, you can go beyond the status quo […]

Annuals vs. Perennials

It’s a flower match up! What is the difference between perennials and annuals? How can perennial flowers benefit your Mountville PA home? And how can annual flowers benefit your Mountville PA home? The answer to the first question is simple. Perennial flowers continue to grow every year after remaining dormant through the cold winter months. […]

End of Summer Doesn’t Mean End of Gardening

This time of year, many are preparing to bid short farewell to their gardens. But, just because it’s nearing the end of summer doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening altogether. There are plenty of gardening aspects still beautiful as the seasons change. If you bought plants at our Manheim plant center this spring, it […]

Plant Center Near Strasburg has the Plants You Want

Have you sprouted a green thumb? Well, then you’re in luck! If you live near Strasburg, plant centers like Root’s Nurseries have all you need. At Root’s Nurseries, we have a wide variety of plants to choose from at our local plant center. We can help you create any look you’re going for in your […]